How To: Turn a Sucky Song into a Rocking Song

Once upon a time I listened to bad music, which included boy bands (I’ll hold my ground and say I’ve never listened to country or rap). I was young and naive back then, but N’Sync was cool, alright. Upon entering middle school I was exposed to other talented musicians who had crunch and depth. “You mean there’s more to life than puppy-make-me-vomit-romance?”

But kids still like that music for some reason, so while I stopped following crappy pop-boy-band-musicians a long time ago they keep popin’ back up. Just like dandelions, we’ll never be rid of them until we tear out their roots, which sadly appears to be adolescence itself. Rather than attempt this endeavor the Canadian band Red Umbrella, who I’ve seen twice in concert, decided to turn one of Justin Bieber’s probably terrible songs into a not so puke inducing melody. Here’s the stellar music video they made based on the song Baby. Wait, is that really it’s title? Just shoot me.

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