Mike Mains & The Branches

CD that’s been stuck (by choice) in my car for months: Home, by Mike Mains & The Branches. Here’s why…

In October, Charlie (the creator of this here blog) and I traveled across the state to see Mae’s last show in Michigan. Mae may be awesome, but this article goes out to the band that opened the show that night – Mike Mains & The Branches. Truth be told, Mike Mains showed up the two bands that Mae was touring with when it came to overall feel of their performance. The band’s live show moved through fun and upbeat to deep and intense and they finished it rocking. And, they have one of the funnest drummers you ever did watch.

So I picked up their CD, titled Home, simply because they gave it to me for a sweet deal and I was pretty sure I’d like to hear the rest of their music. The next day, I took the time to really listen through it, following along with the lyrics and all. From the get go, you can tell the lyrics throughout Home are deep, personal, fun, and inspiring. Mike Mains definitely rocks, but Home as an album also has a great upbeat and poppy feel. Throughout the album, you could probably pick out quite a few other bands you hear influence from.

The influence I heard right away was mewithoutYou. But still, Mike Mains does a great job at creating their own sound, and only picking out one influence doesn’t cover it all. Home is a fantastic listen from start to finish – it seems that when I feel like skipping a track, it hooks me and reels me in again. Each track has a ton of potential to get stuck in your head, whether it’s a guitar hook, single lyric, or entire chorus. Heck, I admit to listening to certain tracks just to hear lead singer Mike Mains’ excellently executed vocal screamishes.

Beside their music, Mike Mains & The Branches is involved with an organization called Mocha Club, along with other band names such as Katie Herzig, Sanctus Real, Project 86, and more. Mocha Club exists to encourage, connect, and provide ways for people to get involved and give help to communities in Africa who need clean water, for example. A few dollars given to Mocha Club’s cause can save lives in Africa, and Mike Mains is one of the bands joining the cause to encourage people to help save lives.

When people ask me what kind of music I listen to, I usually tell them that my favorite music is lesser-known indie stuff. Possibly the greatest example is Home by Mike Mains & The Branches.

Visit mikemainsandthebranches.com to watch a music video and find links to their Myspace, Facebook, etc.
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