Those Out of Reach Vintage Guitars

Contessa HG-10 on eBay

Every once in a while I pop onto craigslist or ebay and search for guitars that I want. I’ve looked for resonator guitars, Italia guitars, Gibson guitars, and though I’ve never really bought anything I did go out of my way to win a vintage Contessa HG-41 last year around Christmas time. Tonight I did this old search routine and stumbled upon a Contessa HG-10 for buy. Too bad the seller wants $850 Buy it Now (with $43 shipping on top of that). Check out the posting.

If I had the cash I’d snatch this beauty up in a heartbeat. Alas, the seller is asking a lot of money. I guess I’ll just have to salivate for a while.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on August 21, 2012 - 8:32 am

    I have owned a Contessa 101 which I bought second hand during 1983 for £60.I would never part with it and it gives a great sound for the music I play (C+W) I would say its in reasonable condition and everything works but out of curiosity would anybody have any sort of idea of its value?

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  3. Pipelore – Charles Bleisch » Blog Archive » Denied

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