How To: Embed Music with Grooveshark

For those unaware we at The Beat Project are seeking out the best way to embed music into this site. As is such there may as well be a post on it. Over the next few days I’ll be throwing in a lot of code to see what works. Be prepared to see multiple posts on various music embedding methods with the Benefits, Problems, and a Conclusion on the use of each one.

Because Grooveshark is one of my main sources of music explorations I’ve attempted to use their widget. If you’re looking to do something similar the Grooveshark widget is a great place to start. There are a number of benefits and problems with this method:

The Method:

The quickest way to share a single song on Grooveshark is by clicking its Optionsbutton which looks like an arrow pointing downward. From there hovering over Share Song reveals a few sharing options – the one we want is Widget. This will pull up a window that has the code you’ll need to copy and paste into your post. There’ done.

Installing a playlist is just as simple. While in Grooveshark create a playlist if you haven’t, then select it from the left Playlist pane. An option titled Share Playlist will be visible above the list of songs in the playlist. Click that and then choose Widgetat the bottom. Once more the a window will pop up with the coded. Just copy that and paste it where you want it.

Another way to get these widgets is to build one by going to the Grooveshark Widget page. Here is where you can choose a Single Song or Playlist widget. Then you can customize the colors, add the music, and get the code.


  • Can share with many platforms including E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and a Flash Widget.
  • Embed single songs or playlists (multiple songs)
  • Widget  customization (ie change color, width, height).
  • Multiple creation methods. When in Grooveshark each song and playlist has a “setting” button that can be clicked and will spit out the code to embed the necessary widget. (See the pictures to the right. The path is Share Song/Share Playlist -> Widget)


  • Still uses Flash.
  • Can’t be embedded intoWordPressand other Flash blocking systems.
  • Playlist widget isn’t the most eye-appealing despite customization.


As is such the Grooveshark widget is pretty great, if you can get it to work with whatever site you’re using that is. Unfortunately for us there are also some critical downfalls of the Grooveshark widget.


Grooveshark’s Single Song Widget

Sharing a Single Song
Sharing a Playlist as a Widget
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