How To: Identify That Song

Today the folks over at Gizmodo threw a post online comparing Shazam vs. SoundHound, two free applications for Adroid devices and the iPhone that can identify music. Gizmodo tried to dig up how these apps work, but what we’re interested in is their results. After a multitude of tests and situations this is what they concluded:


  • Regardless of the source of music it is best to be as near to it as possible for the apps to work;
  • Noise might mess up the sound recognition but more importantly BE QUIET! Talking really disrupts the process.
  • Shazam might be better at picking up mainstream music while SoundHound might be better at discerning jazz, or older stuff.
  • Both apps had problems with songs featuring heavy distortion or effects. Stick to songs with clear melodies and audible vocals.
  • And in the end Gizmodo recommended SoundHound because it was less buggy than Shazam.

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