The Beat Project has Moved!

Hello my friends and audience,

The Beat Project has officially acquired a domain and relocated its place on the internet. From now on check out the new site SoundChomp ( for the latest updates concerning the ever growing world of music.

If you’re interested in knowing the reasons for the relocation feel free to continue reading.

The Beat Project is hosted via WordPress. We like WordPress and all it has to offer. When it comes to Content Management Systems WordPress is smooth and powerful. However, we have run into some issues with it. This includes difficulty embedding music (there were a couple posts about that), CSS manipulation, and other technical stuff.

By-and-by we made the decision to buy a domain and install WordPress there and continue running it with more flexibility and options that are not available to those who simply use a account. It would have been great to stick with something such as or just but those were taken. After weeks of consideration we (I) decided to buy So there you have it. All of the old posts have been migrated to the new site and are being updated to fit a theme (there will be more visual changes). We at The Beat Project, and now SoundChomp, are excited to keep this blog going and hope you’ll stick around and keep reading.

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