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Introducing: Pinback

This group has been around since 1998 from out in San Diego, CA. Their website might not have been updated in a while, but here’s what is important: they’re good. Kinda mellow, with simple drum beats in most songs and a lulling guitar, they make good music. According to Wikipedia their style is Indie Rock, Progressive Rock, and Electronic Rock. I stumbled upon them because part of their song Good to Sea (from their album Autumn of the Seraphs) was used in How I Met Your Mother’s latest episode (Season 6, Episode 16). Check out the song below and let us know what you think.

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The Votes Are In: Grammy 2011 Results

The 53rd annual Grammy awards are over with some bands more victorious than others. It’s hard to say that one band “beat” another, or a band “lost”, because to make it this far is a giant compliment to these musicians. Words aside, let’s take a look at who was awarded (in the categories we find most relevant):

Album of the Year:

The Suburbs by Arcade Fire
(Triumphing over Eminem, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga)

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How To: Turn a Sucky Song into a Rocking Song

Once upon a time I listened to bad music, which included boy bands (I’ll hold my ground and say I’ve never listened to country or rap). I was young and naive back then, but N’Sync was cool, alright. Upon entering middle school I was exposed to other talented musicians who had crunch and depth. “You mean there’s more to life than puppy-make-me-vomit-romance?”

But kids still like that music for some reason, so while I stopped following crappy pop-boy-band-musicians a long time ago they keep popin’ back up. Just like dandelions, we’ll never be rid of them until we tear out their roots, which sadly appears to be adolescence itself. Rather than attempt this endeavor the Canadian band Red Umbrella, who I’ve seen twice in concert, decided to turn one of Justin Bieber’s probably terrible songs into a not so puke inducing melody. Here’s the stellar music video they made based on the song Baby. Wait, is that really it’s title? Just shoot me.

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Haru-haru Haruko and her Rickenbacker Bass

Haru-haru Haruko and her Rickenbacker Bass

Of the things I want to own I hope to one day come by a Rickerbacker Bass, preferably the 4003 model. This bass and I go a way back in that it is the key instrument of a character from one of my favorite anime, FLCL. Of course, since I’m right handed I’d have to go for a righty guitar, but I’m ok with stringing a left-handed bass backwards and playing it in a “unique” fashion.

However, the main reason I’m attracted to this bass is because of the sound it puts out. Based on what I’ve read, these guitars are as amazing as they are can be attributed to their flexibility and strong sustain. With only two single coil pickups but individual control for volume and tone of each (similar to the layout on a Gibson Les Paul) these guitars are capable of producing a wide range of sound. In addition, the neck-through design contributes greatly to the sustain, allowing each note to ring out longer and more clearly than a neck that’s been bolted down for convenience. These factors make the Rickenbacker basses uber powerful.

The sound that I truly admire the Rickenbacker instruments for is that funky pop sound that really grooves. It kind of make me think of disco-rock or something like that. There’s a Japanese band called Triceratops whose lead guitarist plays a Ricky 6 string and his solo in their song WARP is pretty funkalicious.

Perhaps one day I’ll save some dough and manage to find one of these guitars. Hopefully by then I’ll also be able to play it properly. I guess we’ll see what happens.

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