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How To: Identify That Song

Today the folks over at Gizmodo threw a post online comparing Shazam vs. SoundHound, two free applications for Adroid devices and the iPhone that can identify music. Gizmodo tried to dig up how these apps work, but what we’re interested in is their results. After a multitude of tests and situations this is what they concluded:


  • Regardless of the source of music it is best to be as near to it as possible for the apps to work;
  • Noise might mess up the sound recognition but more importantly BE QUIET! Talking really disrupts the process.
  • Shazam might be better at picking up mainstream music while SoundHound might be better at discerning jazz, or older stuff.
  • Both apps had problems with songs featuring heavy distortion or effects. Stick to songs with clear melodies and audible vocals.
  • And in the end Gizmodo recommended SoundHound because it was less buggy than Shazam.

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How To: Download Music from Grooveshark

About 5 minutes ago I was searching for ways to link Grooveshark to Twitter and I quite accidentally stumbled upon this little article over at that can potentially show you how to snag music from Grooveshark via a handy little application called Orbit Downloader. Of course, we don’t condone “illegal” activities like this, and it’s not like we tested it to find out it works great with Internet Explorer but for some reason not at all with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We wouldn’t do that, now would we?

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Mougg For Your Music On The Go

MouggThe other day I was using a limited free trial of the Grooveshark app on my Android phone and wondered if there wasn’t a way to store my own music online and stream it to my phone while on the go. My first thought was to create my own web server to house my music library and then look into creating a website for myself to listen to it with… But instead, I just Googled it and found Mougg, a service created by someone who asked himself the exact same question that I did.

It’s the perfect way to store your own music online and have access to listen to it anywhere. Mougg’s music player has a slick web interface and the Android app is straightforward and has a clean interface. Signing up for an account is easier than eating candy, and you get 1 GB of storage for free. After that, it’s only $2.99 per month for unlimited space, which seems like a pretty impressive (and tempting) price. In comparison, upgrading a Grooveshark account to Grooveshark Anywhere in order to use the Android app would cost $9 per month. Makes you want to check out Mougg, doesn’t it?

Keep beating, my friends.

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How To: Embed Music with SoundCloud

We started covering various methods webbies use to embed their music. Previously we looked at Grooveshark, the popular online streaming music service. As we said there are some cons to the Grooveshark widget. Thankfully there are other options out there, and WordPress even points this out. Today we’ll look at SoundCloud, “the best music sharing site in the history of the Internet” as they put it. Before we go any further let’s throw in a sample so you can take a look at it.

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How To: Embed Music with Grooveshark

For those unaware we at The Beat Project are seeking out the best way to embed music into this site. As is such there may as well be a post on it. Over the next few days I’ll be throwing in a lot of code to see what works. Be prepared to see multiple posts on various music embedding methods with the Benefits, Problems, and a Conclusion on the use of each one.

Because Grooveshark is one of my main sources of music explorations I’ve attempted to use their widget. If you’re looking to do something similar the Grooveshark widget is a great place to start. There are a number of benefits and problems with this method:
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Because it’s Loud (With the Shop Vac On)

I’m not really sure why this song is as good as it is. Maybe it’s because it’s good and catchy like our post on Jingles covers, maybe it’s because I’m in my mid twenties and marriage and the rest of life is calling, or maybe it’s just because I really like shop vacs. They make life better.

Whatever the case, this is a pretty solid song (funny, too) and the video is a great example of kinetic typography. Animation wise it was pieced together with Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere and Toon Boom Animate and incorporates a bunch of iconic font-work and signage. If you pop over to this website here you can download the mp3 and even donate towards that 500-1000 hours worth of work Jarrett Heather says it took them to create.

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Experimental Instruments: PVC Organ

I dug this up while surfing through Lifehacker recently (aka over the week). Not only does this PVC instrument have some ingenuitive construction for what it is, (ie easy playability and great sound direction) but the individual, Snubby Jake, playing it is quite talented. Of course, it helps that the music he’s playing is recognizable and that he is quirky to watch while he plays. Just check it out. It’s pretty fun.

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