How To: Download Music from Grooveshark

About 5 minutes ago I was searching for ways to link Grooveshark to Twitter and I quite accidentally stumbled upon this little article over at that can potentially show you how to snag music from Grooveshark via a handy little application called Orbit Downloader. Of course, we don’t condone “illegal” activities like this, and it’s not like we tested it to find out it works great with Internet Explorer but for some reason not at all with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We wouldn’t do that, now would we?

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Introducing: Two Door Cinema Club

These guys, as a friend puts it, “[are] way legit.” But don’t take our/her word for it. Instead, head over to this playlist to hear music from their album Tourist History. The band is from Northern Ireland and have Indie Rock, Electronica, and Alternative Rock influences. Though it’s a three man team they really drive the music. You can always check out their music at the band’s myspace as well.

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Disbanded: The White Stripes

According to their web site The White Stripes are no more. This means no new music and no more live shows. While many out there are probably mourning this loss I think it’s important to point out that Jack White is still active with bands like The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. Plus, many have criticized The White Stripes for Meg’s lackings as a drummer so perhaps it’s better they go separate ways. Meh. I say we all raise a glass tonight to the band that fought for Rock music. Rest In Peace, The White Stripes.

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In the midst of the great Snowpocalypse of 2011 we’re putting on a Red Umbrella playlist to remind us that at least we don’t have it as bad as Canada does weather-wise. So, if you are a person who loves the snow then strap on those snowshoes, otherwise you’ll wanna bundle up with a good playlist to survive the Snowpocalypse.

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How Do You Discover New Music

Let’s face it, we all have different methods, and we brag based on them, too. Some are content getting their tunes from friends, but others always wanna be on the cusp of new sounds. So we wanna know, how do you discover new music?

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New Album: Horn Again by The Pillows

Another Punny Album Cover

Out today is The Pillow’s 17th full album release. The title of the disc is Horn Again. Similar to past CDs, it has 10 tracks, but this time all with English names. The regular CD costs around $33 in Japan and there’s a DVD Limited Edition for about $38. I’m not sure of the best way to pick it up in the US. I’d recommend popping over to eBay or cdJapan. However you get (legality aside) it I’m sure you’ll enjoy the band’s latest musical feat.

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Breaking Into: JAZZ

Jazz Legend Louis Armstrong

This article is for people who want to experience a new kind of music. Maybe you’re completely new to jazz music and want to know where to start or maybe you’ve heard some stuff and just want to know more.

So why do I like jazz?

Partly because jazz musicians have guts. I’m not belittling other musical styles, just stating a fact about true jazz. A good jazz song basically has an intro and an ending figured out beforehand and the rest is just made up on the fly. Sure you got a tonal structure to work with, but it’s up to the soloist to find their way through it.

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